SKXP-PL05 Triceps Extension

Triceps Extension utilizes an elbow-high position, allowing the user to use body weight to keep the elbows on the pads in alignment with the axis of rotation.
     * Independent movement arms provide body balance and excellent muscle isolation.
    * Positive, cam-driven movement provides the correct strength curve with full range movement.
    * Seat and back pad is adjustable to maintain correct alignment of joint with the axis of rotation.
    * Can be used one arm at a time if desired.
Length:    39″ (99 cm)
Width:      60″ (152 cm), 69″ (175 cm) storage horns
Height:     60″ (152 cm)  
Machine Weight:   310 lbs (141 kg)
Movement Arm Takeoff Weight:    5 lbs (2.5 kg) each arm
Weight Arm Max Capacity (Based on both weight arms)
630 lbs – Total weight (assuming 1-1/2″ wide 45 lb. cast plates)


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