SKXP-PL13 Seated Calf

Seated Calf incorporates all the mainstream benefits of other (bent-knee) units along with a rugged design and competitive pricing.
   * Diamond-plate foot platform maintains foot placement and maximum stretch, also allows for dorsi-flexion movement.
    * Fall-away stop mechanism allows easy entry/exit.
    * Adjustable height, pivoting thigh, (anchoring) pads with handles.
    * Exercise input arms pivot on pillow block bearings, with low-to-groud loading points.
    * Exercise position enhances soleous (outer head) area involvement.


Length:    57″ (145 cm)
Width:      30″ (76 cm)
Height:     40″ (102 cm)
Machine Weight:   150 lbs (68 kg)
Movement Arm Takeoff Weight:    28 lbs (13 kg)
Weight Arm Max Capacity (Based on both weight arms)
630 lbs – Total weight (assuming 1-1/2″ wide 45 lb. cast plates)


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