SKXP-PL08 Compound Row



Compound Row features independent movement- arm linkage technology with rotating grip handles, enabling user-defined movement paths for appropriate rotational forces around the shoulders and more efficient torso/arm involvement.
    * Four-bar linkage design overcomes the limitations of standard leverage movements.
   * Rotating “Ergo Grip” handles for natural hand supination/pronation needs during exercise movement.
   * Large foot platforms provide for proper stabilization.



Length:    92″ (234 cm)
Width:     43″ (109 cm), 49″ (125 cm) storage horns
Height:     37″ (94 cm)
Machine Weight:   325 lbs (148 kg)
Movement Arm Takeoff Weight:    7 lbs (3 kg) each arm
Weight Arm Max Capacity (Based on both weight arms)


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